Fleet Foxes is a band from Seattle. They are lumped in with the "indie" scene, and manage to create music that invokes images of the old countryside, golden fields lit by the setting sun, and endless dirt roads whose only inhabitants are older than the land itself, all while not sounding very "indie".
It was around last month that I drove through the countryside with straw in my mouth and a clear conscience with Fleet Foxes ending the silence that surrounded me.
by Ricky the Whore August 24, 2008
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A folk/indie band from Seattle that is wicked good.
"Hey man, wanna here a really awesome jam? Put on some Fleet Foxes."
by chickayeaaah August 09, 2008
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Probably the greatest modern band ever. Fleet Foxes are unique because of their poetic folkish lyrics which will take you on a journey to heaven, the amazing vocal harmonies, and diverse sound. If you think good music has died, then Fleet Foxes will prove you WRONG!!
I got tired of listening to the shit on the radio, so I listened to the Fleet Foxes on my I-Pod and my day got a whole lot better
by TheDudewithGoodTaste January 15, 2012
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