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Attitude. One of many things that the Amish don't have.
"An Amish with a 'tude, you know that's unheard of."
-Weird Al Yankovic, "Amish Paradise"
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2011
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A notably addictive wiki where thousands of tropes and idioms throughout creative works are collected, defined, and expanded. Though it originally only focused on tropes within television shows (hence the name), it now covers literature, comic books, anime, manga, western animation, video games, film, webcomics, web animation, music, and others. Unlike Wikipedia (which "tropers" call "The Other Wiki"), there is no such thing as notability on TV Tropes.
TV Tropes will ruin your life.
by JohnnyLurg March 19, 2011
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AKA Sleazy Eden, a paradise for the promiscuous, a hell for those who aren't.

Also known simply as The Garden!
Person #1: What do they think they're doing? This is Huntington Beach (or virtually any other town), not some Easy Eden!
Person #2: What's the difference?
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2008
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Against simplicity and minimalism. Being anti-Amish can be good, but it can also lead one to overlook the genius of Charles Bukowski and The Mountain Goats.
"Until I stop recording my cassettes with a ten year old boom box, I'm just never going to win over the anti-Amish demographic."
-John Darnielle
by JohnnyLurg August 01, 2011
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The act of being well-liked but not realizing that in the slightest.
Sometimes an approval hating
Will demolish one's approval rating.
-A future poet laureate.
by JohnnyLurg November 23, 2008
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a euphemism used by a untalented musician when breaks up with his talented bandmates.
"You guys used to be such a riot! What happened?"
"Artistic differences."
by JohnnyLurg August 06, 2010
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