The recipient of honor or recognition for achievement in an art or science.
Milton Friedman was a Nobel Laureate, as an economist.
by MianoSM November 5, 2006
A protest a against an abusive society. Also knocked on objects like this
"Knock knock knock-knock"
(Notice the hyphen)
by Defined, you're welcome. November 6, 2018
A person who has achieved the highest worldwide recognition for an important contribution to culture or the sciences.
I was awakened early this morning by a phone call from Stockholm telling me that I had won the Nobel Prize for my UD work; however it quickly became apparent that I was not the UD Nobel Laureate and that I was only dreaming and so I can merely claim that I momentarily tasted the sweet recognition that of course I clearly do actually deserve for all of my UD contributions which incidentally have now totaled 900 as of today.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 8, 2019
A very intelligent person, a math genius. The Abel Prize is awarded to an excellent mathematician every year in Oslo.
"You dont have to be an Abel Prize laureate to understand this!"
by ScrunchyAlpaca December 14, 2018
1.) In hip hop, a concept invented by rapper Canibus involving the mixing of different vocal "layers" with a corresponding rhyme scheme to create alternate phrasing, ideas, and overall subject matter; set a record in 2007 for the most bars ever recorded on a single track (with all five tracks together, it equals 1000 bars) in history.

2.) Also known as "PLOO" or "ploo"
I've spent hours mixing Poet Laureate Infinity.
by Dante_Gulgatha July 9, 2009
A Laureate Kid is a noble child born from royalty or knights, a Laureate Kid is the most elite child per noble clan
The Laureate Kid was the best fighter in the village, he'd slain over 50,000 enemies single handedly before his 12th birthday
by nook1974 December 18, 2021