anything that is a piece of shit, somthing that crappy,old or broken..
Dude your car is a pile. (meaning your car is a piece of shit)Can even mean a person who is lazy or just a waste of life)
by jon February 20, 2005
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To sit on the couch in semi darkness for hours on end, ordering food, consuming various and sundry pills, avioding all cell phone calls, while being in a state of semi dress and watching massive amounts of TV (if one can retain consiousness).
Bob hasn't come out of his apartment in two days, what a pile.
by Dan Reeves January 10, 2006
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Someone that that sits around on the couch and smokes a shit load of weed.
That guy is such a pile, he hasnt come out if his house for 3 days.
by randalf von richtoven January 6, 2008
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Acronym for "Potentially Inebriated Lifeless Equipment." Can be used to describe anything in a state of disrepair or complete inoperability. The word pile can also be used to reference animal feces, or a "steaming pile."
"Man, that car is a pile!"
"This customer's Linksys router is a pile"
"That dog just left a steaming pile on my lawn!"
by 2wheeledfury June 8, 2007
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A former friend, being influenced by another negativly. A complete && utter waste of time. Someone who is constantly flaking, being gay, decietful, sneaky, && lieing. Pretty much being a tiny speck on the distant coast of sanity. Someone who is constantly the hot g
Alex: Naw ii have to go do chores.
Ali: Dood your a fucking pile, this is the 6th time this week you've had to do chores.
by Alii Lansing July 11, 2006
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1. A specimen of incoherent architecture.
2. 'Roids, in the plural.
3. Short for pile o' shit, used esp. with potentially dangerous machinery.
1. The Gellert is that Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic Turkic revival pile on the Donau.
2. That three legged beaver got piles from the hot seat.
3. Effin Aeoflot pile, thought we would die, duct tape on the fuselage...
by armsnlegs May 24, 2004
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A loser, someone who literally does nothing. Someone who thinks they're tough; worthless.
Kids literally taking his shirt off and flexing in the courtyard trying to act tough in front of the girls, what an absolute pile.
by kenny chezney March 23, 2022
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