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A Spanish slang word for penis.
Tu madre tiene mucho pelo en su pinga.
Your mom has a very hairy penis.
Ladies call me papi chulo for my pinga.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 27, 2008

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Someone who gets sexual pleasure out of playing with excretment.
Alec is a big time coprophile, I caught him in the bathroom last nite moaning.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 30, 2008

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It's an offensive term to use at a person of Hindi or Muslim descent. Also a pretty funny prank call.
Me: Hello, I want to make a reservation.
Voshmi: Okay, how many people?
Me: Eight, and my name is Mitur
Voshmi: What, Mitur?
Me: Yeah It's M-I-T-U-R and my last name is B-I-N-E-S-D-E-R-T-Y. Can you please say it so I can see you got it right.
Voshmi: My Turban Is Dirty?
Me: Your turban is dirty!?!?!?
Voshmi: Fuck you motherfucker.

Me: Hello, is your chicken fresh?
Voshmi: Yes, it is fresh. How many pieces do you want?
Me: Is your wing sauce spicy?
Voshmi: Yes, IT'S SPICY! What do you want?
Me: Is your turban dirty.
by Johnny Hotnuts May 05, 2008

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A racist term used to describe anyone of Middle-eastern descent (not always Pakistani.)
That bomber is not only wacky but he is also a paki. Therefore he's a wacky paki.

Alec is a wacky paki
by Johnny Hotnuts April 27, 2008

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1. A person who is said to be homosexual or acts in an effeminate manner.

2. A person with an abnormally large nose.

3. A bird who dwells in tropical regions.
1. That toucan needs to grow some balls and lose the make up.

2. Many Jewish people like me are considered toucans.

3. We grabbed our binoculars and observed the toucan.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 27, 2008

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A term used to describe a middle-eastern bomber. It is also used to describe people of Chechen descent.
Aladdin was a freakin' uni-bomber

Go fly on a magic carpet and then kill yourself, goddamned uni-bomber.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 27, 2008

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An acronym used by stoners.
Light It, Smoke It, Pass it.
Yo, lisipi that shit, dawg before i shit myself
by Johnny Hotnuts April 22, 2008

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