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Closely realted to being a rolling stone. Being a bird means you can't settle in one place or for someone specific.
As birds nests in one tree and moves on to the next one.
He dosen't settle for any girl, he just goes on to the next one. He is a bird
by sinx213123 March 26, 2020
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1.Most commonly used to describe a woman that one is aware of as being materially obsessed , and morally corrupt ,but never the less finds highly physically desirable for the moment.
2. Deroggatory form of Chick
"I dropped the bird off and then chirped out."-Ice Cube
"She ain't nuthin' but a bird."- guy on the 6 train
by Liz J June 15, 2006
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On July 29, 2019, a new species of aviary was found by a self proclaimed bird who goes by the name of Try "A bird" Stan. This humanoid/aviary communicated to humans in several different languages, but gave us very little information about what he is, how he exists, and if there is many more of his species. He only replies with a mere taunt of his existence by repeating this one phrase, "What kind of bird am I? A Bird. At first, this was all the world thought this magnificent new species could say, until biologists and conspiracy theorists alike began to pressure the bird to speak. After many days of hard work, the aviary finally spoke again, giving one final clue of his existence. He said, " connect photosynthesis to the bisector." The researches and theorists were puzzled by his response, and continued to pressure A Bird to speak. The next day, A Bird disappeared, gone with only a piece of his lunch left at the lab. Research about what this A Bird is, continues as the world moves onto the next age.

Update: New Research has found that the Aviary is connected to Quantum Physics and Super Position. Specialists are being brought in to solve the new equation of A Bird's existence. This equation is ((Photosynthesis+Bisector) x Quantum Physics/Superposition= A Bird)
"What kind of bird am I? A Bird
by Soul Flare August 05, 2019
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When a bird asserts his dominance over your head, your body, and your house. You am now homeless.
A bird has now annexed you, and you are now a slave. He gives regular beatings to you by beak and you require help everyday. F for you.
by TheInterestingDictionary July 14, 2019
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