I told him that he should grow some balls and tell me the truth.
by Ashers213 August 21, 2006
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an insult referring to your obvious manlessness. Has more meaning when said by a girl.
"I'm afraid of doing this."

"Grow some balls!"
by Grinning Assassin January 3, 2010
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A term used to tell someone they are cowardly, spineless, lack support for their own actions. A person who lacks male genetalia literally ot figuratively speaking so they are viewd as acting like a sooky little girl.
Julie: Mike grow some balls and face up to your actions. Be honest for once and stop playing games and God with other people's lives.
Mike: I'll just ignore what I did and hope she forgets or just suck up n hope I never have to face up to it...
Julie: pathetic
Mike: I can't disagree with that WAH
by blabblabblabuluvit December 10, 2019
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