1. A person who is said to be homosexual or acts in an effeminate manner.

2. A person with an abnormally large nose.

3. A bird who dwells in tropical regions.
1. That toucan needs to grow some balls and lose the make up.

2. Many Jewish people like me are considered toucans.

3. We grabbed our binoculars and observed the toucan.
by Johnny Hotnuts April 28, 2008
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To take a faaaat drag from a zoot.
Person 1: aha mate you’re slacking on the high.

Person 2: init mate I need an extra drawl

Person 1: nah drongo don’t ruin the formation of the rotation, just take a toucan drag.

Person 2: aii mate that’s sent me gone

Person 1: you fuckin druggo
by Bushhed August 13, 2018
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A person whose nose is hooked and possibly crooked. Much like that of a toucan's nose
Look at that guys nose....what a toucan
by jayson_21 January 6, 2009
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You have a Toucan if the bit of skin between your balls and butthole ceases to exist
Fred: Where's your Gooch?
Ted: It ceases to exist! I have a Toucan!
by Benadude August 24, 2008
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A very ugly individual that has the most humongous nose that when he looks into a window he cant see anything cause his nose gets in the way. Another tryhard 'hellman', which also thinks its perfectly okay to wave and smile out of cars, but when his with his pack or boyfriends he yells out slut at normal human beings. Usually followed around by very fat 'whale' like little boys.
"That person has a very large nose"
"Must be a toucan"
by funnythat. August 8, 2009
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A slang term meaning to be fruity; for something to be extremely lame, pointless, and or absurd.
Man that class was hella toucan.


The meeting was so toucan she didn't even know what she was talking about.
by Solanum Dulcamara November 14, 2006
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