Shortened slang for "legendary", or, more commonly, for "legend".
Jesus, you fucking ledge!
by Tj November 12, 2004
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an expression also short for legend, used to describe a fantastic person.
by uGlY January 7, 2004
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A name give to a young lad after he helped a lady find her lost children.
"Thanks kid, your a ledge"!
by lord damp nutksdom f March 8, 2017
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to fuck a chick who doesnt know your friends are secretly watching, possibly on a ledge and hopefully with a video-camera
Dude, that chick got so ledged last night. Yeah, she should write about it in the Times..
by ledge viewer December 3, 2007
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Use to refer to someone who is either an idiot or had done something spectacular.
That guy is a ledge.
by Steven Barker October 30, 2007
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The shortened form of the already shortened word "Legit" of "Legitimate" Meaning not fake of just cool. Often used when describing something so legitimate, the word legit cannot encompass the enormity of the awesomeness.
Sam: Remarkable! That man just jumped out of that flaming woman! Wait...what?"

Chase: LEDGE!
by Chase Bisson December 24, 2008
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Short for Legendery, is some thing is good, excellent or fun it is "Ledge"
Ah Mate, Will's parties are Ledge!
by Big Will August 21, 2003
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