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An alternative to a hole, otherwise know as ass hole, or bum hole, or anus, or shit hole.
You're such an a pipe
Stop being such an a pipe
by Johnny July 23, 2003
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toilet paper that makes it feel as if you are wiping your ass with clouds made out of silk.
After using Charmin, my anus felt clean and refreshed.
by Johnny December 20, 2003
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Sweetest teen movie ever, often payed homage to by Family Guy, and in the music video "Stacey's Mom". Jeff Spicoli is the dude of the century, says Dude.com.
Guy 1 "Ridgemont high kicks the asses of all the other teen movies"
Guy 2: "Yeah, except Breakfast club!"
Guy1: "Oh yeah, that was a sweet movie"
by Johnny November 17, 2004
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similar to a blumpkin
Whilst in a bathroom stall with a girl she proceeds to sit down on the toilet and give you a blow job and when you're all finished and she gets up you realize that she was takin a smash
i didn't even realize i was gettin a schlumpkin until she flushed the toilet...
by Johnny May 18, 2004
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A place where I get my daily supply of weed and experiment with the latest designer drugs. And a place where I learn how to make drugs too.
Kid: I'm going to school, mom.
Mom: That's my boy. I'm so proud that you like school so much.
by Johnny September 18, 2003
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when countless monotonous hours are spent gazing at an online webforum, namely revscene, you try to boost your popularity by beginning to develop words that no one can understand.
guy1 - Have you met those two guys in the photo forum, azn angel and salar?!
guy2 - YEAH! they're fuckin schwicked!
by Johnny March 11, 2005
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