104 definitions by Johnny

1. adj. meaning better than the best, originally used to describe eating an uncooked gas station burrito
2. the name of a band that existed between 2002-2004 in central Illinois
"Man, I saw the Quannum tour last weekend. That shit was the firm delicous!"
by Johnny April 22, 2004
the act of being a moosh, or looking like a moosh. that is, if you're a cute little girl who stands at about 5'0", then you're probably a moosh
by Johnny June 11, 2004
Some one who does alot of work, like ROBY MAT.
Roby is the hardest worker I know!!!
by Johnny April 23, 2003
The term ganges has it's roots in Dothan,AL. The term is one of many used in the place of 'marijuana'.
"Let's smoke some ganges."
"We're about out of ganges."
"So you're going to start selling ganges?"
by Johnny November 4, 2004
A huge, floppy, wierd-shapen and overly hairy penis.
Well dude, your dick may be bigger than mine, but at least I don't have a keegan.
by Johnny June 5, 2006
it is a good way of saying niggaz without getting your ass beat.
lets roll zaggin.
or edwin oak is a zaggin with ssssean.
by Johnny January 30, 2005
One who outstinks all others in a fart contest.
The fart master had us all gasping for air.
by Johnny May 18, 2003