104 definitions by Johnny

1. adj. meaning better than the best, originally used to describe eating an uncooked gas station burrito
2. the name of a band that existed between 2002-2004 in central Illinois
"Man, I saw the Quannum tour last weekend. That shit was the firm delicous!"
by Johnny April 22, 2004
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the act of being a moosh, or looking like a moosh. that is, if you're a cute little girl who stands at about 5'0", then you're probably a moosh
by Johnny June 11, 2004
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North-West English slang meaning to eat something and swallow with a gulp, possibly quickly.
You're such an oinker! Look at him golloping it. Why don't you eat properly?
by Johnny July 3, 2006
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She is a Beauty. Everything about her is just PERFECT... I love you Marina
by Johnny December 1, 2014
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a big cock, wearing a cap and gown
that is one academic chicken
by Johnny March 16, 2005
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Rare, one of a kind fuckwit. Usually associated with homosexuality and strange indulgent activities with monkeys.
"Did you see Bretto on the news? He fucks monkeys..."
by Johnny January 12, 2004
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A-holes who wear ambracrappy every day. Said girls are blond everyday whether they are born blond or not. Stupid. They dont have any effection to anyone. Words in their vocabulary are:
"Hot Guys"
Look at the popular girls look at the hot guys and thier 'F's...
by Johnny March 29, 2005
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