Gangsta. Livin' by the code of the streets. Always gettin' their hustle on. One who keeps it real. Someone who don't let "the man" or fakers hold them down.
Scott is the hardest man on earth. That nigga keeps it real all day, everyday. "Wu-Tang"
by Spectre Thompson May 9, 2007
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Adv. Harder than your hardest.
Vanessa needed to practice hardester to stay with Ama in the race.
by KiloA September 14, 2005
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The hardest Trapper is Justin Otelo being able to do Godly things at such a young age and being awesome.
Justin “The Hardest Trapper” walked down the street
by Dudheh November 4, 2020
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The series finale of a talking frog show on Disney.
Man, Amphibia’s series finale, The Hardest Thing, really grabbed at my emotions. I’ll miss the show a lot
by June 27, 2022
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A term used to describe any individual or group of people that dresses in attire or speaks in a matter that would suggest they believe they are people not to be reckoned with.

Although most commonly used to depict deros, louts, trouble makers, thieves and general public nuisances, the term is also used to describe people of authority that feel a need to be intimidating or over police as they do their job.
Guy 1: "Wow.. look at that classy street drinking kid throw his bottle at that bus"
Guy 2: "He must indeed be one of the hardest of the cunts"

Girl 1: "I can't believe that transit officer gave me a fine for travelling on a concession fare when I'm even in my school uniform, it's so obvious I'm a student - but just because I left my buscard at home"
Girl 2: "Wow fining a 13 year old girl that doesn't have a card saying shes under 18, haha what a prick, truely the hardest of the cunts!"
by haazy March 30, 2011
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The hardest rappers is Nas Dipset The Lox Notourios B.I.G. Trick Daddy Outkast Scarface Juvenile Paul Wall Bun B Westside Connection The Dogg Pound Snoop Dogg Game Bone Thugs N Harmony
Those are all (the hardest rappers!) Real Talk
by 1000 November 24, 2006
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