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Verb. To attend a conference or convention, but few or none of the actual meetings, in favor of a day at leisure.
Brad: Jerod, have you seen Snipes?

Jerod: No man, not all morning. He mentioned he might Roby this bitch. Let's go to the pool.
by Big Money Rich October 03, 2018
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- derived from the English surname big dick daddy, Roby’s are usually the most badass person in the room and usually acquiar the most ass on average. They like to party and are fierce bruski drinkers. Roby’s are often referred to as “dude, brah, and brahskigi” as they were the originators of those terms. Overall, they are just clean af.
Bro did you see Roby at that party, he’s a fuckin badass.
by Bruski Bro July 21, 2018
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If it's a girl, because it's possible for a girl to be named Roby, It's a lovely, cheerful girl. she'll always be there to make you smile when you're sad and she knows exactly how to make a party going.
don't forget to invite a Roby, they always know how to turn it up.
by swaggagal123 October 09, 2013
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