British slang for experiencing nicotine withdrawal. American equivalent is "having a nicfit."
I had to work all day today without a fag break. By the time they let me out I was gasping.
by BobR August 26, 2010
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1) Deep breath made when desperate for air.

2) Deep breath made when surprised.
1) After emerging from his tankless, two-minute-and-thirty-seven-second dive, Frank gasped for air with deep, exhausted breaths.

2) I gasped when I learned that Lena was in fact the one who wrote the "Anel was here" message on the blackboard that hat gotten us detention.
by Confident Lefty February 20, 2006
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when words cannot be used. or just when you want to be dramatic..
*gasp* I cannot believe this I have zero words just shook... or
*gasp* omg really I didn't know you were gay?! btw love that hot pink purse today where did you get it?
by wig has been snatched August 23, 2018
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person 2: *gasp* that's amazing!
by *gasp* it's deb! April 15, 2007
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"GASP!" shouted the Tajikstani immigrant after realizing his wife had soiled her undergarments.
by Do I Know You February 14, 2003
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1. To exclaim by breathing in.
He gasped when he saw the two bodies pulsating.
by Anonymous February 14, 2003
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the sound someone makes between the moans
Every time she could, she gasped for air.
by Le Gaspy June 16, 2011
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