1. A movie that is aimed at the stereotype teen-ager, which usually features the popular football player or cheerleader falling in love with their supermodel-wannabe dreamlover. These movies features crappy jokes, keg parties, sex, and everything else that most teen-agers never experience in their high school years. Much like the Barbie, it perpetuates a false image of the typical teen-ager lifestyle and can only be realized during a drug induced dream.

2. A shock-comedy movie, featuring jokes, situations, and gags that is supposed to make you say, "I can't believe that happened/they did that." These movies are overpraised and STILL not funny. Usually features sex, nudity, drinking, drugs and the cocky, popular, arrogant football player/cheerleader getting their way. Again, falsely perpetuating the teen-age life style that so many adults and parents based their view of teen-agers off of.
1.-10 Thinks I Hate About You, She's All That.

2.American Pie 1&2, American Weding.
by Tonku April 28, 2005
A movie usually featuring actors in their mid- to late twenties, revolving around the 'geek' and their friends, and the 'popular kid' and their friends. There is at least one big party in the movie, where the geek gets dressed up and everyone is amazed, but gets spurned by the 'popular' kid. These movies are all exactly the same, and are summed up very nicely in Not Another Teen Movie.
by Angelacia June 15, 2007
Romantic and slightly comical movie aimed at people in their teens. These movies are usually based on multiple failed seduction attempts before the final, successful attempt on prom night. The fact that there is a reformed cool-guy winning over a girl with "sweetness" usually attracts young females to watch these shit movies. Parodized in Not another teen movie. On the rare occasion, when the movie is made for a male audience, it will not suck.
The breakfast club, pretty in pink, she's all that, ten things I hate about you, loser, most freddie prinze jr movies.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
Movies derected at teenagers. They usualy take place in a white, middle class high school where everyone is skinny and the only girl with C-cups is considered fat.

They try to teach you something about fitting in with your peers, or some other bullshit like that.

Spoiler alert- The geeky kid gets a makeover and wins the jock's heart in the end. The mean girls get done-in in a comical, non-imitatable way, and the unsupportive friend gets stuck with a sterotypical loser.
Mom: "So how was school today, sweet potato?"

Figure.10: "It sucked, we did nothing but watch frickin teen movies."
by Figure.10 June 24, 2009
Films for the intelligence impaired
Bob: Hey guuuuuuuuys wanna see a teen movie?
Intelligent people: No. We have intelligence. Fuck off.
by Matt the Dude March 17, 2003
Parody of various teen movies. Mostly she's all that, never been kissed and cruel intentions.
"There, I did it, I'm a miracle worker"
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004