an expression commonly used by drama students. this expression is commonly used in shakespeare acting for scenes. this is only used in comedic scenes because in a dramatic scene you would look dumb.

origin, somewhere in the palisadian area of Los Angeles, believed to be used in shakespeare festival scene

used by 4 HA's created by the stomach with emphasis on the last HA
Beatrice: Oh senor Benedick! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper.

(she exits)
Benedick: Ha Ha Ha HA! Against my will i have come to bid thee to supper. i think she believes im sexy. mhmmmm thats how i roll.
by theanswerman147 October 13, 2011
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that guy just magurted too much beer and fell over with a dopey grin on his face. it was pretty ha ha.
by george tedbetter September 23, 2006
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The way jolly old people convey laughter on the internet
My grandson taught me how to watch Johnny Carson on the What a hoot! Ha ha ha!
by bradison dellionford January 20, 2020
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Originated in 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar. Admiral Lord Nelson, only minutes away from trashing Napoleon's grand fleet, managed to get himself shot. As he lay dying, he tried to whisper something to his buddy Hardy. But since he was dying all he could say was Ha...Ha...
Lord Nelson: Liek, OMG I got shot! Ha-Ha!
Hardy: OMG he almost arksed me to kiss him.
Bystanders: OMG OMG!!!
Hardy: HA-HA!
by crow1670 February 4, 2009
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The way Cackletta laughs. Also sounds like her laugh sound if it was pronounced.

Cackletta is Fawful's leader. She is a witch from the Beanbean kingdom that can change forms and possess other beings.
"Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!"
"Who would have thought you'd catch up to the Great Cackletta in even a hundred million years?"
by May 25, 2020
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awknowledgement of someones comment or joke, but indicating it wasn't funny.
John: I love girls that wear their PJs all day long, it's like they are ready to jump in bed at a moments notice.
Jack: ha
by Do.g October 11, 2005
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