Substance that kids use to increase the level of fun and naked women. Also used to get women in bed and have crazy sex all night. one of man's greatest inventions.
At the party last night, we drank so much liquor that i have sex with 3 women and i didnt even know their names.
by abababaaaa February 28, 2005
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it's what jesus would drink.
by Drama_King January 27, 2009
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The best alcoholic drink out there because this one actually gets you high. Drinking wine or beer will just make you sleepy but liquor is a drug! Drinking liquor will get you high, trust me.
He had been taking shots of liquor tonight and he was acting so damn happy and dancing all night!
by austin.arnold6 July 19, 2009
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the liquid that comes from a female when she is sexually aroused or has had an orgasm
I drank her liquor all night last night.
by BookieLove December 13, 2010
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One says this in association with other words after being extremely drunk and attempting or accomplishing doing something really stupid, and trying to claim that the liquor made them do it.
*Hook up with my buddies sister*

"I'm sorry Julian....It wasn't me Julian....It was the liquor!"
by The Liquor March 19, 2009
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Drunk. Very Drunk.
Bobby was so liquored last Friday, he took that ho Jenny home.
by James Doyle April 5, 2006
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Common term used by drunken Trailer park supervisors talking to a 300 pound shit beast.
by SirCanada June 17, 2019
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