To eat or drink (Often times this denotes eating/drinking fast but this is not always the case.)
"I gotta squat for a jiffy wiz in The Gran Manzana and I've been head sparkin’ ‘bout pounding that Coney fillet in a twee fire-in-the-hole.
The dewclaws are up. Ya wanna draft my flivver?
Bang the pipes by 5:00 or hold peace.”

"I’ve got a layover in New York City and was thinking about getting a hotdog in a quaint restaurant.
I’m enthusiastic. Do you want to come along?
Call me by 5:00 or it will be too late."
by goose_on_a_roof October 16, 2020
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Man that Mickey is going to get a proper pounding when I get hold of him.
by Chris.x June 26, 2006
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An action to as when someone is doing that verb in presence or past.
"Grayson Dolan was pounding the shit out of me last night" or "I am pounding Nicole! Go away!'
by Nicole Furnari June 12, 2019
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Hawaiian pidgin adjective; refering to large waves.
Ho Bra, we just wen get back from Ali'i's; da waves wuz fucking pounding.
by Braddah Matt June 2, 2005
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is the term used in boxing, mixed martial arts and other combat sports to describe a fighter's value in relation to fighters of different weight classes.
Robinson was called the pound for pound best without being expected to beat much larger fighters, under the belief that he as a Middleweight was still a better quality fighter than any fighter fighting at heavier or lighter weights than him.
by dragon612 November 20, 2008
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describes a fighter's value in relation to fighters of different weight classes.
RenatoTanJr. beat the crap out of DennisGarcia by wanking him off, he is the best pound for pound jakulero in the world
by RayosDaKid December 29, 2009
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Several definitions:
1.Unit of weight
2.Money in England
3.To hit fists with your home dawgs
4.To have sex
5.To punch or beat someone up
Here's a little story:

One day, Bill wanted to pound his girlfriend, but she was a hoe and wanted 50 pounds to do it. Bill went to the hood and met Henry and pounded fists with him. His fist, may I add weighed about one pound. Bill asked Henry to lend him 50 pounds so he could pound his girlfriend or Bill would pound Henry and send him to the hospital. Henry gave Bill the 50 pounds.
by Scratch DJ June 10, 2004
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