Skank + Hag= A formerly disreputable and often disheveled, wrinkly, and miserable worn-out dust rag of a woman, typically embittered about how unkind the aging process has been to them.

Sc has a much stronger look and sound than sk.
We were just about to shut the bar down the other night when these two scags stumbled in looking for some man-meat.
by threebird April 26, 2007
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A word used to describe Heroin
By the users of the 50's.60's&70's.I know this to be true because it is so many of you who were by my side going to score that Scag and get us a dime bag.
Gonna get me some good SCAG,a bag of heroin..
by Mary Shoulders June 27, 2016
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1. Drugs, as reffered to by a junkie.
2. Someone who never has anything they need, and has to constantly borrow from other people although they have no intentions of returing said item.
1. {sniff, twitch} "D..d...d...dude! Gotta get that scag!"
2. Savannah, the stupid scag: "Hey Angel, can I borrow your backpack?"
Angel: "No, fucking SCAG!"
by Avalon_the_Infected March 30, 2005
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abbreviation of 'scumbag' meaning exactly that, or lowlife, cad, overall person of ill character. useful when avoiding expletives in potential road rage situations, and also used in 'Mad Max' the movie.
driver : that scag just cut me up at the roundabout!
passenger : yeah he was driving like a scag! asshole.
by globus January 16, 2008
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