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A system where prisoners work to get paid while serving their sentences.
When Patrick was in prison,he worked at Prospect Hill Cemetery for work release.
by JMC70 October 21, 2017
a virile man who is nevertheless very gentle and kindhearted,in spite of his gruff manner.
10-year-old Michael's Uncle Lou,who is a big fat man with a rough manner,is really such a teddy bear. He and nephew Michael often fish together, and he is very loving towards his 3-year-old son Patrick,Michael's little cousin.
by JMC70 January 16, 2017
A deerstalker hat. Called so because the famous sleuth,or detective,Sherlock Holmes is depicted as wearing a deerstalker hat.
Mike,Wade,Eric,Pat,Gary,Musa,Brock,Todd,Tony,and Andrew are all sporting sleuth hats. Such impressive headgear!
by JMC70 January 12, 2017
A t-shirt modeled on a football jersey,with angular-styled numbers.
Jamie has three football shirts,one numbered 51, one numbered 70,and one numbered 71. His favorite football shirtis the one numbered 51.
by JMC70 January 23, 2016
The famous facial expression of annoyance or anger by quirking the corners of the mouth down. Also as a verb: to show annoyance or anger by quirking the corners of the mouth down.
Harun had a big frown on his face when his identical twin Musa won a medal and Harun did not.

Jim frowned as the elephant sneezed him off its back and Jim was then left in the howdah hanging in front of the elephant's rump. "What if the elephant has to do number two?" thought Jim as he continued to frown in frustration.
by JMC70 December 23, 2018
A typical sick joke heard in a men's locker room,such as a football locker room,or while men or boys are getting dressed for gym class.
Kenny,Kevin,Uriah,Harun,Jamie,Matt,Robert,William,Jim,and Tom were all victims of locker room jokes when they were in high school; they would often be told they stunk in both the gym locker room and the football locker room.
by JMC70 December 7, 2016
The colloquial term used to mean football, obviously since tackling is an integral part of the game.
"Good, I'm glad you babies enjoy tackle football, because I'm giving you each a tackle!" Coach Stillman told Robert and Hayden.
by JMC70 April 15, 2019