1. A soothing song with which to lull a child to sleep.

2. A kick-ass book about how these songs can kill, written by a guy named Chuck Palahniuk who also wrote the novel Fight Club.
Yes, it is highly unknown that a lullaby can not only make a child sleep, but kill them, too.
by Athena Kay February 22, 2004
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hanging out with someone you love and like
respecting their feelings, their dignity while still wanting to kiss them, fuck them
granting them the freedom to live their life and yet be their lighthouse, their haven
by Krkič May 2, 2020
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A song usually made for the females in which the singer talks about love and catching feelings for females. Usually a hardcore rapper sells out by making one of these.
That rapper Sold out, he made a "Lullaby ".
by Bad Boy AKA Baby Boy January 10, 2009
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Book that beats the shit out of Death Note. Story of a man who finds out that a lullaby he sung to his late son kills, and he and a friend try to keep it out of the hands of a psycho.
Lullaby beats the crap of Death Note... fuckin' weeaboos.
by OLOL September 6, 2007
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Term based on Irish folklore used to describe a deep beautiful sleep one has after suffering through a horrific hangover.
After suffering through a day of the Midget Hitter's hangover, Petey curled up in bed and drifted off into the Leprechauns Lullaby. Midget Hitter
by Sacramento Solon December 22, 2016
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A kiss goodnight from a girl, phrase introduced from a song by Mayday Parade.
by JaceyBlue May 16, 2012
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