a girl who is truly amazing, unbelievable, indescribable, wonderful, and perfect in every way possible
Im the luckiest man in the world to have Rachelle.
by Wrd2UrMotha July 11, 2008
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Someone people always wants to be friends with because not only is she the most intelligent, and the most beautiful, she is also the kindest; simply the BEST friend
Rachelle, Gitchy gitchy goo!3=(O.o)=E
by =| January 27, 2009
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Rachelle’s are funny 😆 and humorous. The mood of a room lights up when she walks into it. Without a Rachelle there would be no life in your conversations. They like to make words of the day and make new words. (E.g HYELLO). You would love to have a Rachelle in your life because they are lovely, sweet and funny.

Luv u Rachelle! ❣️💖
You: look at those people over there !
The group: HAHAHAHHAHAH 😂☠️
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she is super sexy and charming. pure of heart and amazing in everything she does. she never lets you down and you can always depend on her no matter how big the problem is or how small the problem is. Her true beauty is within her heart and that is what makes me think of a rose.red blood rose she give life to anything and makes anything fun and exciting. she often will not show her feeling she hides them well within her self but her actions speak louder than words and that what true love means I often wonder if I could get a girl like a Rachelle and I would be lucky to have a girl like her.she crazy she speaks to ANIMALS AND THEY OFTEN SPEAK BACK TO HER
steven: how that stunning girl

Jaco : i want her can t to have her

steven: that a Rachelle

steven: fuck you bitch she mine
by wreath crown August 28, 2021
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A beyond beautiful girl, hot, she is nice and caring, does not think of herself as beautiful though, she somtimes says things she does not mean, and hurts other peoples feelings, though she rarly never means it.

she is loving caring thoughtful

is quite flirtatious
is great when you get to know her, even right when you meet her, does not like to be the center of attention alot, likes it somtimes,
makes a great girlfriend
will be with you forever
jack: did you hear that that hot babe over there has been friends with her bestie since they were born, and the have only had 1 major fight,

joe: wow, she is so a rachelle
by luv me sum bootay January 7, 2010
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Rachelle is always happy and loves K POP. She might love Taehyung. She is very smart and cute. She makes friends easily and is always up for a laugh. She is funny and cool.
Stop it, get yourself a Rachelle.
by HEEHEEisaquotebyMJ May 21, 2019
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An asian girl who is small shes senstive and has amazing friends she loves them with all her heart and hopes to meet them one day she loves everyone and everything. Although she can be sad once and a while she has her friends to cheer her up! Shes a really loving and heartful tiny person
Rachelle: hellooooo~
Person: Hii
Rachelle: hru? ^-^
by hello name meeee April 22, 2017
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