A random form of praise given to a male or female that has done something pretty good, funny or stupid.
Guy: *falls over*
Other guy: Hah, what a guy.
by WingedFlame January 22, 2007
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You would use this sentence when a person is just a guy, it was created by rack00nz in a PS4 party you could also say "this man is such a guy" or "what a fucking guy man" you can use it in a positive way or a negative way.
"Yo look at this man bro"

"What a guy man"

"Bro this girl just texted me"

"Ur such a guy man"

"Yo i just got cheated on"

"Ur actually the biggest guy I've ever seen bro"
by Rack00nz October 15, 2022
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A guy that is afraid of dating a girl because he looks at her and thinks of all the what if's as a negative
Well James is a what if guy as he doesn't want to date Sarah because he thinks what if she cheats
by Kolt15336 August 5, 2019
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1: When one does not quite understand a guy's deal

2: First used in Step Brothers by Derek's son while the family was eating dinner and Dale asked a question about Derek's story. Out of anger and confusion of Dale's stupid question the son muttered, "What's this guy's deal?", creating comedy legend.

3: Can be said in certain situations, such as: If a friend was doing something slightly vulgar and without purpose one might say, "What's this guy's deal?". Out of pure perplexion of that guy's deal. Commonly said to a group of people so perhaps one of them must understand.
Person 1: "Wow, Twilight was such a good movie. Full of inspiration of how the undead can still find love."

Person 2: "What's this guy's deal?"
by morganthegreat February 13, 2010
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simply put: the best combination of a three word greeting ever
Girl: Hi
Guy: What's up guy?
Girl: Oh my god! (orgasm) Take me now
by Gtag4 October 23, 2005
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What young guys do is watch porn, jerk off, shoot a load, restart.
Most of my fellow cadets like to do "What young guys do"!
by eda-skip January 21, 2022
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Angela: What do guys like so I can fuck one?
Kristene: Oh girl, you gotta go full out...
Angela: Ok.... here it goes.
by fuckgirl.cum April 19, 2016
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