Pretty much the best guy you'll ever find. He's insanely talented, beautiful, and strong. He'll always be there at your side no matter what kind of hell he has to go through to get there. He's your best friend, no matter what, and you can talk with him about anything and everything. You'll always laugh together, through the highs and the lows. If you've got a Johannes, keep him around. He's worth it every time.
"Who's that?"

"My boyfriend, Johannes"

"Girl, marry him now."
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Johannes is the tallest sexiest bloke with the biggest dick around. On top of this he is the most good looking and the smartest man alive.
by Choklad papi March 6, 2017
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Cool guy who is definitely not writing this to get rid of all the bad definitions
Man johannes is a kbitch for writing this
by Definelty not joahannes April 20, 2020
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Originated from the Hebrew "Jahwe", meaning god. Johannes is the most awesome name a guy can have, defining him as superhumanly good looking, smart and courageous.
Casual expression:

"Oh my Johannes!"
by SophoJoJo February 6, 2010
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Johannes is a very outgoing, funny, good looking and self confident person. He always says what’s on his mind.

He’s also a really good friend and can give good advice.

It’s hard for Johannes to open up to people and talk about deep things, so if you have him as a friend treat him well and be lenient. Sometimes he needs somebody who’s listening to his problems, so take a seat and give him good advice.

If you’re on a party you always see girls checking him out. But he has a girlfriend, of course! If you get lucky enough to have a Johannes as a friend, don’t let him go. He’s extremely easy to upset but also comes down really fast. He gives the best hugs! If you get the chance to hug him you may instantly fall in love with him.
Girl 1: Did you see the good looking boy yesterday? He gave me the best hug I’ve ever had!
Girl 2: you must met Johannes, but he has a girlfriend

Girl 1: dammit
by Johannes Little Sister May 3, 2020
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-A Badass

-has a huge cock
-A profesional MILF Hunter

-likes big tits and huge ass
Person 1: I had Sex with his Mom
Person 2: Your such a Johannes
by ThaRealMuhfugga January 3, 2017
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He has a big ass mahfacking dick its thic!!! All the ladys want it when they see it!
Girl: hey.....
Johannes: look at my dick
by Elias cp October 9, 2018
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