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A word used to describe a man of intelligence, a purely wise individual loved by many. Considered to be a friend to all and and enemy to none.
Oh you're Harun, it's lovely to meet you my friend.
by Administrator pseudonym November 24, 2013
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The grand exquisite,
imperial wizard,
or is it,
Harun come and pay ya ass a visit.
Similar to the meaning of God.
by Grandmaster May 20, 2004
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he’s such an amazing guy who is so nice and cares for others he has a huge heart and is so perfect he makes the funniest jokes ever ever girl loves him but he mostly likes the girl who he talks to the most
Harun is so nice you should date him
by Arron carter May 07, 2018
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The most amazing guy ever. He is usually in love with the girl he dates. He is one of the best loyal and trustworthy person ever. He is usually very tall. Most Bosnians are named Harun. If he is blonde then he is the one. Harun spoils his girl and loves her so much. Its impossible not to like him.
Too bad, you can't get Harun. He is taken by the most beautiful girl ever.
by amazingspidergirl October 28, 2018
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