An Airforce term (orig Royal New Zealand Airforce No.5 SQN) whereby another aircrew member underhandedly and surreptitiously takes your allocated flying from you.
Weren't you meant to be flying today? No, I got brocked by Jimmy.....
by flyingkiwi July 30, 2011
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A true Fucking badass with a huge dick. he also is nice caring and is a great friend.
Brock if a fucking beast
by Eli bishop March 20, 2018
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He is easy to talk to, funny, unique, cute, talented, kind, and loving. He is always there to talk and will make a great friend or boyfriend, usually has light hair. Plays basketball and football and loves the outdoors. You would be very lucky to have a Brock in your life! Many girls are all over him! He is very protective over the ones he cares for most so don't tick him off or you will wish you never met him!
Brock is so protective

I want a Brock

#brock #loving #hot
by Xo_define_names_xo November 5, 2017
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When your sentence doesn't make sense, or you forgot a word
"Guys i telling u now people are gonna get hurted if we done fight its like negan sayed u bunch of pisses i getting started so u better get ready for what u know because if we dont go biden will win trump is real president fight."
"Oh shit, I brocked that."
by Red Jellly November 25, 2020
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brock is an amazing guy, he makes everyone smile and is always caring, he will always ask if somethings wrong and if there is he will try and fix the problem. Brock is an amazing friend and anyone will be grateful to have a best friend like him
by hcbihbcqifhqiufhqoufhq March 7, 2017
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A kind, caring, loyal, loving, gentle yet strong man. A real man, one who always tries to please the one he loves. He is fun,thoughtful,respectful. He never forgets a birthday,anniversary or holiday.He is Educated, hard working, and ambitious. One who always meets challenges set in front of him. Loves family, friends and Dogs! Enjoys the outdoors and football but is able to enjoy and adapt to his surroundings where ever he is. Can be comfortable sitting around a campfire or at the symphony. He is a well rounded gentleman. You would be lucky to have a Brock. He can be your best friend, your lover and your confidant. a man you would be proud to bring home to Mother.
Brock is Amazing!

Brock is so Good looking!

I want a Brock.

Being with a Brock makes you feel Safe and Loved.
by missingU February 5, 2010
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A state of being completely, black out drunk.
Dude what happened to you last night, you had a few shots and were completely Brocked.
by drmiles1212 November 30, 2011
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