For this reason; therefore: handmade and hence expensive.
From this source: They grew up in the Sudan; hence their interest in Nubian art.
From this time; from now: A year hence it will be forgotten.

From this place; away from here: Get you hence!
From this life.
He had sex with her without using protection, hence she is pregnant.
by Anonymous January 4, 2005
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"yo...hence my dance moves"
"'hence this picture!!!!!"
by ashoooooooooooooo February 21, 2010
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1. A newly-discovered dark spirit, with a cone-shaped head and no feet. Extremely dangerous; do not summon.
Jeremy: "Maybe it was a Hence"
by Ms. Brenda Definitions January 30, 2018
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When an individual attempts to sound smart by using two synonyms after each other.
'Hence why' does not equate to 'that's why'.
Hence Why ≠ That's Why

"... global warming is becoming an increasingly accepted theory; hence why we are seeing a rise in environmental groups... " - said by relatively intelligent people who have a loose grasp of grammar.

"I spent all day in the sun; hence why I've got a tan" - intellectually challenged, yet attempting to prove their IQ fits within the norm.
by SandAA October 14, 2012
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A phrase meaning "So there you go.", "That's why this situation is the way it is.", "That's why this is there.", "That's why I did that.",etc.

Originally started at a High school in Arizona.
(Joe pulls out a sandwich)
Unknown Person "Joe, you're eating lunch?"
Ramesh: "Yeah, Hence the sandwich!"
Person One: (Looks at person two's cast on arm) You broke your arm?
Person Two: Yeah, hence the sandwich.
(Person One throws their wedding ring at person two)
Person Two: We're getting a divorce??
Person One: Yeah, hence the sandwich.
by Nova314 June 7, 2005
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The supernatural ability to know when a Ke$ha song/music video will be on the radio or tv.It is only bestowed upon the greatest.
Joe:"How did Angela get that job in accounting?"
Earl:"She must have impressed the boss with her Ke$hence..."
by siouxhky22 October 1, 2010
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From an old play that focuses on the life of an Egyptian farmer.
"I will now show you the camel. This particular animal eats mud, shits bricks, and has a triangular arse-hole. Hence the pyramids."
by Devin September 1, 2004
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