A name given to someone who has a distinct personality. Hard to read at times, is sensitive yet strong, extremely intelligent, smart and witty. Usually has a very nice smile with dimples and has a very nice voice.
Look at that smile! looks just like Musa's

Omg! look he's so gorgeous, he's got be a Musa.
by error204notfound May 24, 2013
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He is the best friend someone could have. A nice and funny person. Makes life worth living. Makes great memories. Will be the one with you till the end. Lets not forget that he is smexy afff and lots of girls like him but bye bitch cause a person wont get more loyal. :-) Love ya
Musa? He a real one.

Damn Musa looking smexy today.
by An_Old_Friend April 24, 2019
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Someone who got love for others and treats people like they matter. He cares alot and often gets hurt by those who claim they love him so he keeps his distance. Never causes trouble and always respectful towards others and is usually the guy people look to start trouble with. He's surrounded by alot of fake people and he stays to himself just to feel safe because people have lost his trust.
They say that they love you but what they really love is the attention you give them just like how they do Musa.
by Lyrians May 16, 2020
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The Muslim name for the profit Moses
Musa is a profit from God
by Musa AkA hoolio-g September 30, 2007
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Musa is a trustable, friendly kindhearted friend who can easily tell if Ur lying and can not be fooled very easily. He can be very emotional at times.

He hides his emotions a lot and wants to be alone at times it's nothing personal.

He can act well and fake an emotion easily and listens to people and tries to help them more than talking about himself.

Yes sometimes he takes things way too far without realising but inside he always feels regret and understands his mistakes.

He needs more attention. He is not lonely because he has tons of friends but is alone.
Person 2: How he always so happy and understanding?

Person 2:I know right he is such a " Musa "
by Dry-salmon123 December 1, 2019
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Guy that has a huge penis and that likes to make people laugh alot and women are attached to.
Hey you heard about musa damn that nigga funny
by tonybate June 9, 2014
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Someone who could possibly have the best stroke game in the world, he is known to paralyze women with his penis. he cracks backs. He also has mad chedda and a beemer. Known to have sex with his roommates girlfriends. Savage of the year award holder.
once you go musa you never go back.
get loose with musa.
by jimmymack456 December 16, 2015
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