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A name given to someone who has a distinct personality. Hard to read at times, is sensitive yet strong, extremely intelligent, smart and witty. Usually has a very nice smile with dimples and has a very nice voice.
Look at that smile! looks just like Musa's

Omg! look he's so gorgeous, he's got be a Musa.
by error204notfound May 24, 2013
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Someone who could possibly have the best stroke game in the world, he is known to paralyze women with his penis. he cracks backs. He also has mad chedda and a beemer. Known to have sex with his roommates girlfriends. Savage of the year award holder.
once you go musa you never go back.
get loose with musa.
by jimmymack456 March 26, 2016
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musa is a type of person who will leave you for a woman. he has a great heart and down to earth personality but gets distracted by stupid things. he's the type of person to forget about what matters most
he has a musa personality
by larrythedon35 June 12, 2017
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Guy that has a huge penis and that likes to make people laugh alot and women are attached to.
Hey you heard about musa damn that nigga funny
by tonybate June 09, 2014
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Musa: pronounced "moo-sah" in hangul, which is Korean and it means The Warrior.
In 2001 Korea released a film titled "Musa or as The Warrior for the English speaking countries. This movies was a great success in Asia.
by Tajjaa January 16, 2008
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musa is typically and man who is tall and has dark skin. He tends to have a very muscular body and is and very strong character, both physically and mentally talented. he is funny and is a great person to be around. he would do crazy things to make people laugh yet is a calm person.
omg look its musa
by MONICARAINS01 April 25, 2017
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