An all round great guy, rich as fuck, massive dick and gets all the bitches.
He’s so fit, he’s such a Linus!
by Liam hillister May 5, 2019
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Carefree, Joker, Charming, Vigorous. Linus is often found in the spotlight, but once you get to know him you’ll see that he’s all other than that hubris. Linus likes to keep his personal problems private, but he’ll never hetsitate to hear you out. Linus will do anything to cheer you up. He’s a great listener and advisor, with two shoulders to cry on. He’ll always have your back.

Linus has got a great sense of humour; you’ll never miss a laugh when he’s around. In fact, he’ll see to it that you know he’s pulled up the driveway.

Linus huge amount of energy leads him to limitless adventures. He's a very interesting person since he’s always up to something. There’s just no room for boredom being the enthusiastic learner and happy teacher that Linus is. Although, he can be quite a procrastinator regarding necessities that doesn’t appeal to him, you can always rely on Linus because he’s always carrying his heart with him.

If you’re friends with Linus, consider yourself lucky. He’d never befriend someone who’s not worthy of his time or energy.

In love life, Linus is a great romantic who’s never ashamed to show off his partner. He’ll make sure that they’re aware of his love and affection. Never will he make his partner feel ashamed or judged; Linus only have love, and lots of laughter, to give you.

If you ever stumble across a Linus, make sure to give him a shot! Who knows what mountains you’ll end up climbing together?
“I’m hanging out with Linus today!”
“Oh sweet! Can I pleeeaaseee join? I’ts always a blast with Linus!”
by curryl0v3r August 31, 2020
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Linus is the God of tech and he is always fine. Linus will break your new computer and then make a new video about how he can fix it with RGB lighting and then cheat the rules he set out on how to repair it.
Linus: "Hi, my name is Linus"
Viewer: "Are you okay?"
Linus: "Everything is fine."
by TheWorldlyInsight March 16, 2017
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Linus ; a unique name , usually a cool and a sweet person. A great friend who is skilled in giving great advice
"Linus is so good at giving advice"
"Linus has a really unique name"
by BoomshakalaKA October 19, 2013
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The Most alpha Male to ever exist and gets all the bitches
Girl 1: Holy Shit is that Linus I want to fuck him so bad!
Girl 1: Yeah Me too
by AlphaLinus October 30, 2019
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He's i sweet sexy boy who will cuddle his homies to sleep. You can always depend on Linus to steal your bitch, so hide your women because here comes Linkan with his 30 inch punisher. ( usually tall, muscular and handsome af).
Oh my my girlfriend got destroyed by Linus and his massive dong.
Damn das duff...
by Bigtittylover69 October 17, 2019
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Oh do you see Linus ?
He's soo hot. I want to be his girlfriend
by oOBlueDemonOo August 6, 2017
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