126 definition by JB

Two thumbs up!
My buddy's wife asked me if I would Siskel & Ebert her asshole.........fo' shizzel!
by JB October 02, 2003

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Pants wherein are residing cats
Look, he is wearing his cat-pants
by JB November 21, 2003

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The amazing combination of vodka and Dr Pepper
This Dr Vodka is w00t!
by JB October 01, 2004

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a wizard or sorceror
merlin, a little like gandalf
by jb February 18, 2004

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Engineered by the awesome Aussie duo Roy and HG on "The Dream", a nightly TV review of each day of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, were a number of terms describing particular moves by male gymnasts. Flat bag refers to the gentle touching of the athletes groin to the ground whilst doing the splits, usually from a handstand position. See also crazy date, battered sav, hello boys
Yes, and that's a lovely flat bag by Nemov!
by JB February 28, 2005

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'For Sure' or Most definetly... Also meaning of course, or yes, yeah, ja, si, mmm hmmm , uh huh...
>Yo' Homme you wanna hit up that joint t'night?
>'Oh Fo' Sho' Dawg...
by JB February 13, 2003

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Similar meaning to pillock. Someone who has proved themselves to be a bit of an idiot. Is usually irritating.

The term is often used as an insult against someone who has caused the insulter harm in some way.

Somewhat outdated the term is rarely used today.
That wazzak still owes me £50
by JB June 18, 2006

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