1) To make an individual emotional. Whether happy, angry, sad, et cetera.
Also known as gets to me. This is a vague term, so you will have to make a judgement call as to what emotion they are trying to convey.

2) This term can also mean to Understand. Can be phrased as a question. Also known as get me.
1) That song, Angel of the Morning, really gets me when I'm having a hard day. (This is an example of sadness.)

2) Paul and I really click - He actually gets me.
I've been talking this entire time, are you even getting me?
by Koroshiya December 28, 2005
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Means "do you understand what I have just said?"
Dat car is phat, get me?
by Cooney May 13, 2005
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Top this, try to get at my level, I am superior try and become me.
You just got a 100 on a test, your friend got a 92. You say: get @ me im the king, your friend is now angry and wants to be you.
by TheCattleMaster October 28, 2009
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can also say seen or skeen
a way in which to agree with a certain subject or phrase; to get across the point you were also thinking of what they just said.
"dat boy go on like hes HOT"
"Get me!"
by jcw November 05, 2003
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you use this phrase when something annoys you.
ie your parents
gobshites in general(i.e.bush)

that gobshite bush really gets me!!!
my parents spanked me it reall gets me!!!!!
by zlim July 10, 2005
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Well its like this... asking a favour
In other words "do u understand??"
can you "get me" a packet of home fried chips with my favourite curry sauce?

OR for all those GANGSTARS>>>>>>>
I saw dis hot skoda on the road for £99, it was blinging " you GET ME"
by Rogan (17) November 09, 2004
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tetsuos way of saying- step up and get on my level, meaning you are below me in the food chain lil homie, also seems to be a term that newgens and fengens are throwin around trying to claim as thier own.
player 1: 16-4 archetype sit
player 2: i won u 5238746years ago how can this be?!?!
player 1: get@me baddy
by fanboy111111 June 22, 2010
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