A "gang" of hip-hop artists who rap about the hardships of life in the middle-class suburbs. They often rap about committing violent acts, though we all know if actual gangsters rolled up on them they wouldn't know what the fuck to do.

Known for songs such as: "In My Room" and "My Axe"
Jeff: Insane Clown Posse broenem whatchu finna do
Crip: Shut yo bitchass up wigger ill send yo ass to heaven lil bitch
Jeff: *runs*
by ezra24 September 3, 2023
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A group whose members are pathetic, deranged, and out of touch with reality. They are impressionable enough that a couple of dimwitted sellouts (the Insane Clown Posse) are able to confuse them. Such confusion has typically led to violence, murder, and other heinous acts. Recently, a juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan) murdered an innocent family and continued to remain in their presence to the extent that he "smelled like dead bodies." This is not cool. The members of this group should be publicly ridiculed and do not deserve protection under the law. There ought to be a public mandate stating that "all those associated with these murdering false prophets (ICP) should be given one chance at redemption before being arrested for associating with terrorists." Constitutional rights protect someones freedom of speech to the extent that it does not infringe on someone elses rights. The Insane Clown Posse's intentions may not be apparent (though they should be) but the end result is a group of blind followers who devalue personal safety, human life, and education.
How many lives must we lose before we realize that the association with this group is dangerous? Even though the few do not speak for the many all fans of this musical group should realize that their association with these murderers is grounds for being called "fags" "idiots" or "losers." Insane Clown Posse is not talented enough to be making such a negative impact. Hitler was atleast good enough at public speaking that he was able to gain a bigger following. These losers who dress up as clowns deserve to meet with the "iron fist" of justice.
by TheApparentTruth November 21, 2009
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HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You realy searched them? ok then, the insane clown posse is a talentless, retarded looking and acting, clown "band". Every song has the words mother fucker in it, and they typically like to refer to them and their teenage pothead highschool dropouts fanbase as juggalos(or however you spell it, i couldnt give a shit). I would not recommend this group to anyone who can hear, fuck it, anyone with ears.

they like to think of themselves as kind of a gang, working in teams to weed out da haterzz and bring them to justice. but what theyre really doing is giving sensible peoplle something to laugh hysterrically at when they come up to you in a hat that has some man with a hatchet on it saying theyre gonna kick your ass. well, i say a real band will carry a fucking axe and destroy you (such as into the moat).

they like to think they are tough, but on the contrary, they are a bunch of pussies who will drop off of the face of the earth until in twenty years when VH1 is doing a "shitty music from 2001-2010" special, a fifty year old dane cook will make fun of them and their horribly put together music videos. *middle finger*
James: man you heard dat new Insane Clown Posse cd-izzle? itzz offada chian fo real juggalo.
Me: you just called me juggalo....im going to walk away and come back in 5 minutes...if youre NOT listening to something good like The Ghost Inside the shit will hit the fan.
by Brock.ashton September 17, 2009
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A couple of talentless retards who 'rap' about unnecessarily violent and disturbing things. Personally, I think they should be shut down because they fucking suck ass and probably have the IQ of a homeless mentally ill crackhead black man. Their followers, 'juggalos and juggalettes', are incredibly annoying because all they do is run their giant retard mouths about how they'll fuck anyone up who messes with their 'family.' They are typically overweight suburbanites who pretend to be tough and hardcore.
Actual sample of Insane Clown Posse lyrics:

"yeah, maybe I can stand a little Conway Twitty while I'm sucking on redneck titty."

-the lyrical masterpeice, "Redneck Hoe"
by antijuggalo October 24, 2008
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Two Assholes Clowns who think its cool to
Rap about killing and other creepy shit.
(Insane Clown Posse):Dead bodies, dead bodies all over the street
Fifty-five, sixty-five bodies at least
I hang with the stiffs till the break of dawn
I'm always finding bodies when I'm mowing the lawn
Drag em in the house, throw em in the oven
Wicked clown lovin that dead body gloven
Tastes like chicken finger lickin deep fried
I ate a dead body, but don't tell, I lied
I just ate my first dead body last week
by Jaqub December 23, 2007
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