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your point/question/observation is valid in the same way that a dead baby isnt satisfying in bed.
"don't you like my pink chiffon dress/manner of speaking/upper lip hair"

"uh, not so much"
by berverse March 25, 2003
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not necissarily, not likely
Did you like the movie?
-Not so much.
by MayokeOni October 28, 2003
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Where something you would expect to be great in quality,measure or degree turns out to be pretty lame and does not reach your expectations. The emphasis is on the first syllable NOT.
Brian was bragging about this new chick he was seeing and after checking her out she was notsomuch.
by Deborah Liberatore December 29, 2006
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Spoken fast, in an exhaling voice. Used in response to when someone says something that they know you would not like to do and/or agree to.
Person 1: "Hey man wanna go get some tofu burgers?"

Person 2: "Mmmmm, not-so-much"
by Brok Lee May 01, 2005
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becca vejar is better than becca lin
"Hey, did you check out that link to Becca's comic?"

"Yeah, Not So Much is only the best webcomic EVAR!"
by finrodir August 29, 2006
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