125 definitions by jb

Adam said that stripper he hired costed 200 sacs.
by jb November 6, 2001
Its when you accidentaly fart when you really didn't mean to.
Girl: Oh my gosh, you just farted!!!

Guy: Baby I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. It was a Freudian Rip.
by jb May 19, 2004
male or female, that eats pussy rather well.
i am a dam good cuntguzzlar
by jb June 24, 2004
Mini-Me looking peruvian that shows his penis for alcohol, food, or anal pleasure.
Los Dawg really loves to show the women his schvartza schlange
by jb March 13, 2003
Similar to gaydar, but differs in the way that it allows you to detect a fatty before they have a chance to sit on and/or eat you.
Whoa! Look at that butterbeast. My fatdar is going crazy!
by jb April 2, 2004
someone who uses you for money
You should stay away from her, she is such a leta.
by jb May 28, 2003