A real bitch is a girl that don't care about your feelins in don't turn on her friends for nothing, and always keeping it 100•\•
I am a real bitch because I keep it a 100•\• with you
by Luhmamma December 28, 2016
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An easy-going, classy female that does the right thing no matter what and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that!
"Whip me, beat me, call me Edna... and a Bitch... like it's an insult.... I don't care! I got everything I want and need, Glory Be To God!"

(cloud of dust and turnt up asphalt)

~REAL Bitch
by Blesss u! You can't stop me. October 13, 2013
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a female that keep going back to a nigga that fucks up over and over again don't mean she dumb, she a real bitch. if she can put up with the same niggas bullshit, continue to try and stick by his side through every up and down is a RIDER. niggas are dumb and got a lot of fucking up to do, only a real bitch will put. up with it. perfect niggas do not exist! grow up, get shit straight and don't start over unless you have to.💯💯
Those girls over there are real bitches, they keep getting played by the same niggas but they're still with them.
by realbitch1 December 15, 2019
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a bitch who isn’t fake, and will keep everything straight with you.
girl: you heard of that real ass bitch in 1st period
boy: yea she keeps everything straight with you
by #thatonebitch April 19, 2019
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Phrase used on a person who is behaving/speaking in a highly bitchlike manner.
Jonathan: "Al Gore drank my apple juice."
Briana: "You actin like a real bitch right now"
by straight_evil August 8, 2006
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Real Ass Bitch Syndrome is a girl that doesn't back down and isn't weak.
Boss: Go clean tge break room.
RAB(Real Ass Bitch): Ummm no. I suffer from real ass bitch syndrome that says I can't and won't clean shit.

As you see the real as bitch wouldn't clean the break room.
by MW23 May 20, 2015
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An expression that a dominant person says to a weak person; especially when it comes to a challenge. The expression was actually more of an insult than an intended joke made toward another person.
The expression "Why don't you bend yo ass over and we're gonna see who the real bitch is" was used by a very dominant person or a bully to insult a weaker person.
by Boyzkang Crudz January 21, 2012
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