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A term widely used to describe the following sexual ceremony: While engaging in sexual intercourse, preferably from behind, and as the money shot approaches, the male "doer" spits on his partners back. When he/she turns around in disgust, the "doer" ejaculates into one eye of his partner and firmly punches the other eye, exclaiming "you have been Governed!". The "doer", now also known as "the Governor", then parades his triumph and is later honoured, by his judicators, with a t-shirt declaiming "The Governor!"
Clearly, The Governor is the only act to rectify virtuous social decorum!
by JB September 26, 2005
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German: Salutation in "krass-talk" for people that are either really dumb or people who know you and are just saying it for fun.
Euda, was gehtn' in Schweden?
Sers Euda, was los?
by JB March 15, 2004
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Anybody killa is a native american rapper from Detroit Michigan his debute Psychopathic cd came out in 2003 entiteled "Hatchet Warrior" It sold well. In 2004 he realesed his second album "Dirty History" and he also joined Insane Clown Posse on the hells pit tour.
Retalition is a must
Watch your back
Stay on que
Shoulda never fucked with us
Now you got me after you
Devious and beady eyes
Quick to jump and take your life
What the hell you think this is?
Ain't no way you walkin' by
If you see them
Let them know
Just how far you lettin' shit go
You fuckin with some OG
Detroit weirdos
We bombin' on who ever dirty situation chasin'
and makin' you fuckin' bleed
Put you on a permanent vacation
Hammertime on your face with my right boot
For loose river dance
Do the jit into a spongy spit
My homies Twiztid got you listed
Have you all hemmed up like
"What the fuck is this?"
We bigger than you thought
The whole crew be representin'
Pistol whippin all haters
Have em twitchin' and flippin'
Beat em down
Call up all the fellas
We been known in the hood
As some eye ball swellers
by JB January 25, 2005
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A slang word to describe the perfect vagina for mantaining an erection in that it is small enough to squeeze or snap off your cock keeping the blood in your penis allowing you to maintain an erection. Especially while partying too hard causing ED. Best when frombe, creating the best angle vs. pubic bone senario.
Mickey and JB were enjoying a beer. Mickey remember that JB had left a party for Alpa and did not get any Viagra. JB's retort was this is that girl I told you about with the snap off pussy.
by JB May 19, 2004
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1. N. - A band too gay for elton john to endorse.

2. N. -
any band constisting of:
1. a homosexual bible thumper
2. a Angry Gay dude with the abilty to drop his balls as he sings
3. a phedophic junkie Bass player with a abnormally small penis
4. a Drummer with a unstatible urge for dip and a face bright enough to flash down a airliner
"Oh shit, they're so horrible..."
"yeah, a real STRATIS"
by JB February 16, 2005
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