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My buddy's wife asked me if I would Siskel & Ebert her asshole.........fo' shizzel!
by JB October 2, 2003
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A functionally retarded internet message board poster who exhibits symtoms of paranoia, schizophrenia, delusions, and drug and alcohol abuse.
"That babbling fruitcake sounds like catch22", or "Either a drunken retard flew in here on a missle fired from the Woolworth Building and started puking all over the place, or Catch is back".

Catch22 posts on several message boards using mutiple identities on each. He plays 'sock puppets' with himself, arguing between his various personas about nutty conspiracy theories and plots against him (them?). Some of his other identities include: ThisRendition, 1chipinbrain, JFK63&9/11, Electric Shock Guy, Cain Kills Abel, 32 Flavors, R.P. McMurphy, Ghostwriter, and many many others.

Catch currently divides his his time by arguing with himself about CIA persecution, and by working towards being the first person to be banned off of every single forum on the internet. As of late, he has been instigating conflicts and strife between boards who have banned one or more of his identities. Watch for a Catch22 appearance at a forum near you!
by JB January 5, 2005
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a faggot who is often seen bitching about people not being christianlike and/or explaining to girls how he doesnt understand them then asking to date
Look ryan's after laura agian...
omg...that stupid ass brazel dazzel will never learn...
by JB September 3, 2005
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someone who looks like they've got a candle up their arse, or would certainly enjoy the experience
dave you fucking arsecandle!
by JB October 25, 2003
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Asshole who tries to send you viruses while pretending to be a chick.
by JB August 24, 2003
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He has a beard
Yo Bearded one, your name be Pagz.
by JB January 8, 2004
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