Most amazing person u will ever meet.when u meet her she's shy but once u get to know her she is loud nd will get annoying sometimes. Someone u can trust with anything. She loves unicorns and rainbows. She's very smart and intelligent. Her love for animals is something u can't take away from her. Once she falls in love with someone she knows that the right guy. Doesn't care what other people think about her or say about her. But doesnt like people talking behind her back
That Is so kimmy of you
by Unicorn_lover July 24, 2014
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A tea loving woman who loves animals and doesn’t give a shit when you mess with her. She cares a lot, and is really strong. She has plans for the future, probably owns a couple dogs, and is gentle. She keeps grudges like a old friend, but will drop them with a little bit of kindness.
Dang, she really is a Kimmy. Damn that’s so kimmy.
by kimqerts November 13, 2018
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Kimmy is the most gorgeous girl alive! No joke! She has a wild personality (in a good way) if you know a Kimmy in your life go for her! She’s the most kind-hearted, incredible person you’ll probably ever meet! she’ll be shy at first but when you get to know her well she won’t be afraid to tell you stuff. Now, Kimmy is quite negative and insecure about herself so if you notice that please give her a helping hand :)
Person 1: wow who’s that?
Person 2: oh! That’s Kimmy
Person 1: she’s stunning
Person 2: ikr you should ask her out
Person 1: I’m on my way!
by Rosette I.K December 6, 2019
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The best, funniest, cutest, and realest one. She'll give you butterflies, be your best friend, and text you back so fast. That one girl that can break your heart fast but it doesn't matter because she's Kimmy. Shes got great hair, skin, and eyes. Studies hard but makes time for her friends. Great daughter, beautiful, and won't let you down.
Person 1: "Yo I think I'm in love with that girl over there, her vibe is so influential"
Person 2: "That's Kimmy bro, her roasts are so kind-hearted they feel like compliments"
by p.k.a.l.l.o.s. April 10, 2019
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A Basic white girl name. But the girl kimmy is not basic. She is someone u want to keep around. A rare gem😋 usually a blonde. with blue eyes. Not many notice her for her but the rumors spread by dumb asses...she is actually really PRETTY n cute. Lots of people say false things about her tho...chinup Beautiful
by COdeZuess888990 July 22, 2019
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A kimmy is the most beautiful girl you will ever come across. She's artistic, she fits under your chin, and she gives healing hugs. Her hair is normally red but can be blonde. Her eyes are like the forest and you get lost in them, trust me you never want to come out. Every glance she gives you will melt your heart like soft butter, and you can't help that! She voice is the sweetest sound you will ever hear, and her laugh will give you joy. She loves Jesus, and wants to adventure a lot. She can be aggressive, but trust me she just gets cuter. If you find a kimmy treat her right, and never stop loving her. You won't come across anyone like her in your lifetime. Don't let go of her. Sometimes she might hurt you, but in the end, she's worth it. Every second, don't doubt that for a second.
I have a kimmy, she's not really mine though.

Look there's a wild kimmy, catch her!

I want a kimmy.
by Dooorrrrjammm July 28, 2014
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Kimmy is the hottest girl in the world. She is beautiful, and has a great figure. Typically has blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She laughs at nearly everything, and never fails to make you smile. Any guy would be lucky to have Kimmy, as would any girl be lucky to have her as a friend. She has a beautiful personality, and always gives the impression of being a very happy girl - though this may be just an illusion. Kimmy is insecure and likes to be reassured.

Kimmy is a beautiful girl with a great body. She is great in bed! Every man would love to have a Kimmy, but she chooses only the best.
She is also one of the best friends you could imagine. She is trustworthy, and very kind and caring. She is empathetic and non-judgemental.

Kimmy is a wonderful lover and friend.
Kimmy has beautiful blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has great style and a great body to rock her clothing in!!
by Hiimanon October 20, 2013
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