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Thanksgiving in jail.
Bobo had a bummer of a Shanksgiving in jail, but at least he didn’t get shanked.
by HumaneAnimal November 12, 2017

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When you get over shit by dancing.
Bobo dealt with being rejected by the twerking hot chick by dancing the night away in an act of transcendance.
by HumaneAnimal November 06, 2017

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When you don’t make it to the toilet in time and shit your pants.
Today Bobo had to clean up his oopsie poopsie cuz we couldn’t find a bathroom in time.
by HumaneAnimal October 19, 2017

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Where all the sexy nurses on Halloween work.
Sexy nurse costumes are so popular that my Halloween party is going to look like a ho-spital.
by HumaneAnimal October 19, 2017

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When you go to wipe your ass again and it’s already clean, leaving no marks on the toilet paper.
Bobo wiped twice after shitting, and for the third wipe he performed a Spic and Span swipe, just for good measure.
by HumaneAnimal January 22, 2018

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Adult X rated Thanksgiving. Festivities include stuffing the turkey and cherry pie.
Bobo had a great Wanksgiving feast when he ate his girlfriend out.
by HumaneAnimal November 13, 2017

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When the cameraman is a ham.
Bobo stole the show as the hameraman in my wedding video.
by HumaneAnimal November 29, 2017

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