A virgin's vagina. Term originated from the song 'Sweet Cherry Pie' by the old band Warrant.
I want to eat a girl out tonight..but not a whore..I'm craving some cherry pie.
by kkkkate rocks it September 11, 2005
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1. A baked good consisting mostly of a flaky crust and a sweet, cherry-flavored filling. Sometimes, a whipped topping will be added, but this is not always the case.

2. A virgin's vagina.
1. Oh Grandmother, you're cherry pie is sure to win 1st place at this year's baked goods competition.

2. So, I was fucking the shit outta this bitch right, and she starts screaming all loud and shit. She was all acting like it hurt. And I was like, "Shiiiit." I mean, I knew that pussy was tight, but I didn't think it was no cherry pie.
by Anonymous57 February 1, 2007
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The person who popped your Cherry (Male or Female). Derived from the Warrant song 'Cherry Pie'
"Christ don't look now but your Cherry Pie just walked in"
by Blaize July 22, 2006
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when you have sex,eat out or finger a girl when she has her period with no jizz involved :yum
omg baby cherry pie me
by Saeem February 9, 2007
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"Oh, man! I got hawt poontang last night like you wouldn't believe!"
"Yuh-huh. You're a cherry pie and everyone knows it."
by Reichu August 31, 2005
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