a lying contest between two or more rich and/or powerful individuals
Person 1: Are you going to vote in the election
Person 2: No, they're having a sale on electric eels at wal-mart
by rawr rawr rawr January 1, 2010
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The worst system of choosing among candidates for public office -- except for all the others.
"The turnout for the election wasn't even 40% of eligible voters. The winner got a slight majority of that, so four out of five people DIDN'T vote for him. So from that he concludes he has a popular 'mandate'?!"
by Grinning Cat October 23, 2007
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Noun: Deciding between the lesser of two evils. Ie: Skeletor or Krang
Oh great, another election. Which crook should I vote for?
by m_kitsune June 15, 2004
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humorous misspelling of "erection" that got memed into a real thing as a joke, but it's no longer funny. People try very hard to rise up to the top, then whoever wins at these "dick measuring contests" will usually screw us over and make a mess. Some weirdos like to watch them come and win
this election is painful to watch, these dickheads are really overcompensating with their absurd promises of growth, as if they'll be able to deliver
by cheese toastie with pickles October 4, 2021
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A system where two people that represent the rich minority compete to see who can trick more people that they are actually going to do something in their interests.
Why the fuck vote? We all know whoever wins is going to be a Republican/Democrat and they're both going to tell us that they represent the working man while fucking everyone but the rich.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
by DrIdiot September 1, 2004
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A real-world extension of the popularity contest held in high school by the same annoying, hypocritical, personality types who were on the "student council."
This electionis a waste of time.
by Nezbit-the-cat January 30, 2005
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a word you should avoid using at all costs, because of the risk of a freudian slip
The ere...election was quite exciting.
by perfectionistdevil January 21, 2006
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