59 definitions by Greg_the_Smeg

Working many hours over the standard working week in order to pay for booze and cheap hookers
Fuck me, that bit of Bingley Time will get me a right session at Winston's.
by Greg_the_Smeg February 4, 2019
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Dave: Bobby! You cheap fuck.. You can afford a John Deere tractor but your that fucking cheap, you've got a Bingley Tractor
by Greg_the_Smeg February 12, 2019
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The only location on the bloody planet with more fucking gold storage than Scrooge McDuck
The Bingley Vault, the true 8th wonder of the world
by Greg_the_Smeg February 12, 2019
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The universal 6 digit pin code which pretty much opens any door.
Bobby: Dave, what's your pin code for the door
Dave: Have a guess you lazy prick
Bobby: 696969 ?
Dave: You cunt!
by Greg_the_Smeg February 21, 2019
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Dave: Bobby, I've got a right itchy Charlie Hole
by Greg_the_Smeg February 11, 2019
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