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A phrase to describe someone who is dirty, trashy, slutty, etc.
That crusty ass bitch got with my boyfriend last night. Stupid Hoe.
by Ashhfbaby June 22, 2009
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ugly nasty dry ass nigga who needs chapstick
This bitch is nasty as hell. Motherfucker need some chapstick. Crusty ass hoe.
by naviii003 October 28, 2012
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aka crustpunks crustypunks. plural form of the terms crusty and crustpunk. crusties are fans of the genre of harsh punk rock/hardcore music called crustcore, crust punk or simply crust. a member of the crustcore punk scene. some crusties are also squatters or homeless. some obvious looks associated with the crusty milieu are black cloths, butt flaps, facial tattoos, lots of patches, dread locks and punk rock hair styles, bottle and lighter heads clamped on to clothes, canine animal companions, bullet belts and sleeveless jean jackets. some popular bands include Dystopia, Amebix, Antiscism, Mankind?, Doom, and Hiatus.
hey did you see those 2 drunk crusties kids get in a fight over a dumpstered bagel yesterday?
by darkmugan May 27, 2005
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Someone who doesn't shower or bathe as a statement.
I can smell that crusty all the way from here.
by libra July 08, 2004
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Something grotesque, dirty, or hideous.
"That girl is so crusty looking!"
"That boy smells crusty!"
"You are so crusty!"
by AIMSNccrackkkheadd September 03, 2007
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It's the old dried poop stain in your britches or on your ass that flakes off onto the toilet seat when you drop and squat.
Dude, you better use the other bathroom- Paulie just left crusties all over the seat.
by Tommy and Jim April 15, 2011
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