irritation of the skin usually caused by dry skin cells
Alleriges give me itchy skin.
by Russ Man August 02, 2005
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to be intensely irritating to the point that you make someone's skin crawl.
DAAAMNN it's itchy of Cosmo to try and plagiarise my word!!

Maddy is so itchy; she never shuts up about her 86 day snap streak with Tintin
by queenmathilde November 02, 2015
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illegal gun;street fire arm.
man da popo's stopped me and tried to put ah itchy on me.
by dnyn da truth December 19, 2004
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A word that describes the physical feeling of itchiness that is caused by taking opiates, such as Vicodin, Oxycotin, ect.
Used as slang term to describe the consumption of opiates.
"Hey, you trying to get itchy this weekend?"

"They gave my brother a lot of Vicodin after he had his wisdom teeth out...He got hella itchy!"
by Cheshire Desire September 06, 2007
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An animated mouse from The Simpsons that usually brings counterpart Scratchy to a violent demise.
They Fight, and Bite
They Fight and Fight and Bite
Fight, Fight, Fight, Bite, Bite, Bite
The Itchy and Scratchy Show!
by Balfdor June 16, 2007
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When your pubic hair is comming in from you shaving it, that my friend is itchy!
**high five**

me and erica are Itchy Twins
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being really aggrivated or mad about something, usually referring to a certain subject going on at the time during a conversation
Guy 1- yo bro, i cant get this music on my ipod, and its pissing me off

Guy 2- yo are you mad itchy right now??

Guy1- yeaa, annd i hate it
by CBoU December 28, 2010
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