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Regret one feels the morning after sleeping with a dude who appeared to be more attractive the evening before.
I totally HEgret hooking up with that douchebag!
by GlazeHer May 14, 2014
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What someone really wants to say in response to some annoyance.
He keeps asking me the same question, when I provide the same answer. I don't get it, he should just fuck off!
by GlazeHer July 19, 2017
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A fun place to hang during quarantine. Kara's is stocked with delicious food, Netflix, comfortable blankets, a cute Boston Terrier and lots of legal cannabis.
If you have a stay at home order during COVID-19, it's good to Karantine at Kara's.
by GlazeHer March 27, 2020
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When you quarantine yourself at Kara's beach condo, stocked with plenty of grub, toilet paper, sanitizer, couch time, Netflix and your awesome Boston Terrier.
Man, I've been in Karantine due to COVID-19 since the Governor of Cali put us on a "stay at home" order. Our beaches and boardwalks are closed, thank goodness cannabis is legal!
by GlazeHer March 26, 2020
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when someone allocates time to be on their laptop, whether it be to view porn, update their blog, or find the best hotel deal.
We only have a few days to spend together, but I know how much he loves his laptop time... so I've got to adjust my expectations.
by GlazeHer July 18, 2017
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Someone who is addicted to laughing, because life is so damn good, and shit is so fucking funny.
Karazy keeps distracting me during these conference calls because she's such a laughoholic.
by GlazeHer June 26, 2015
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When someone spots a license plate that is either consists of a standard format or vanity plate & tries to decipher what it could translate to.
To kill time while I am driving, I like to find license plates that I can translate into acronym definition or determine what the douchebag was trying to define, I call it License Plate Translation.

I saw GOOD BFD & figured it may have meant, Good Big Fucking Dick or perhaps GOOD Bad Food Diet... although both are almost as lame.
by GlazeHer June 30, 2016
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