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When a man attempts to grow a beard but his facial hair is so thin and inconsistent, it's as if it were a baby beard
When I told my man I liked facial hair, he decided to let it grow but all I see is a baby beard!
by GlazeHer April 22, 2015
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an alternative term for a tampon.
I can't wait until the end of this week when I can stop wearing a lady cork and stop wearing panties.
by GlazeHer February 24, 2014
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When one who has to defecate has an opportunity to relieve themselves after waiting for a period of time.
Brad had to shit for an hour but because he was at his girlfriend's parent's anniversary party, he couldn't find the right opooportunity until the old folks retired for the evening, then he let the floodgates open.
by GlazeHer March 08, 2016
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When two people who have plans to bang, decide to take a rain check, resulting in a "bangcheck".
Yo baby, let's take a bangcheck and meet up tomorrow.
by GlazeHer March 26, 2013
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When a grossly unshaven lady has a camel toe, resulting in a camel fro.
Dude A: "Yo, is dat chick's pants thick with the clit or does she have a camel fro?"
Dude B: "Awe man, likely she hasn't shaved in a while and has a fro... ya know, a camel fro!"
by GlazeHer September 24, 2013
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A phrase one will ask another when there seems to be an issue with their panties based on the way they are walking
Lisa: "Why are you walking like that? Is your thong doing you wrong?"
Kara: "Yes, I should have bought a medium instead of a small."
Lisa: "That's why I don't wear panties."
Kara: "Smart, although I figured that was just because you're a slut"
Lisa: "Oh, that too."
by GlazeHer January 01, 2014
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When someone in college can't afford anything to eat but ramen noodles.
Freshman: "Hey man, you got anything to eat?"
Freshman 2: "Yeah dude, I've got ramen noodles galore..."
Freshman: "Oh man, thought I was the only one on the ramen noodle diet."
Freshman 2: "Tastes great, less spending."
by GlazeHer December 31, 2013
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