1. A typically black dog with white markings ranging from 10-25 lbs, the Boston terrier is known as the "American Gentleman."

2. Reference to the cult following the breed has developed.
"Look a Boston Terrier! I have to go meet the owner and swap stories of all the Bostons we have ever raised, stretching into antiquity."


- followed by much petting and happiness.
by Abnertown September 26, 2011
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My wife just bought us our first dog, I'm so glad because he's a Boston Terrier.
by Ms. Da Vinci 1 March 31, 2012
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An amazing breed of dog that is two parts adorable and one part uncontrollable farting expert.
"My Boston Terrier is so cute, but MAN can they clear a room with one fart."
by Wastedshame September 24, 2020
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Boston terriers arefun and energetic dogs they love food more than anything other than people. They love to lick and jump. They will do anything just to get one tiny little treat
by Abi25gail05 November 22, 2018
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A black and white type of dog that resembles a flat nosed mouse. Is prone to gaseous explosion and strange snorting noises of death.
"Jesus, did your Boston Terrier Bulldog just fart?" *death ensues*
by Haleena December 31, 2009
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The last girl at a bar in Harvard square
Person 1- I guess I’m not getting laid tonight.

Person 2- Well... there is that Boston terrier over there waiting for someone to take her out to pee.
by Robero MachestBi December 5, 2020
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