to timeline: To inform someone that what they just referenced/presented/discovered and showed others as something new and awesome is in fact older than crap. Origin from a "timeline" image on a message board that was to be posted at the time of timelining.

Over time, however, the process of timelining an individual is thought of as rude, due to the fact that the timelined individual has just been sassed out for no reason they are aware of.
"Hey, guys, look at this flash thing I just found! Hahaha, kamikaze watermelon-"
by Neeeeeeeeeeeecole October 05, 2004
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noun. a way for facebook to demand that you use your navigational skills while trying to talk to your friends
Chaz: Bro, why do you have your compass out?
Chez: Cause I can't find my friends list on this stupid timeline!
by helefant March 26, 2012
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a verb, to have something forced upon you that you didn't ask for....from the Facebook timeline page set-up that many people didn't want
"My girlfriend timelined me to go see Ted
by docbernie August 02, 2012
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Using facebook to examine all the bad decisions you've made and how cool you really weren't in high school thus coming to the realization that your life is truly depressing, also because you obviously have time to dick around on facebook all day looking at your timeline.
I was timelining last night and noticed that 90% of the girls I dated are on xanax, pregnant or in jail, in no specific order.
by PorkCHOPsandwiches44 September 10, 2012
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Searching your friends' old posts and liking them to make them embarrased of their old posts or just to troll them.

The act of going far back in the facebook post history of people you barely know and liking an inane status update to make them show up in the news feed.
"I just timelined my friend on facebook!"

"Let's go timelining!"
by partykivi November 09, 2012
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when girls post a frontal thirst trap on instagram, making it so your instagram timeline has titties on it.

in general, it’s used to just announce when a hot girl posts a thirst trap on instagram, usually to the boys.
A: yo check it out bro titties on the timeline
B: holy shit dude
by nolch32 September 02, 2020
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A painful reminder that you can never get too comfortable or take for granted any social network feature you may have grown accustomed to and / or rely on.

Such changes are generally driven by potential for increased profits, dissatisfaction with being just a simple and reliable social network or expressing a sadistic tendency by allowing you "friends" and employers to easily access anything and everything about your past that you hoped remained buried very far down your wall.

Facebook timeline is an excellent example of Zuckerberg rape.
So I clicked the "learn more" button and now I'm stuck with facebook timeline!

You also got force upgraded by the new gmail? You totally got facebook timlined.
by sanotorum January 02, 2012
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