the Mexican version of a BBQ where they will generally cook a flank cut of steak with tortillas, cheese, guacamole, salsa, etc.

in general terms, carne asada is a seasoned piece of think meat...used in tacos and many other mexican dishes
Hey we're gonna have a carne asada on Saturday at my place around 8:00. Hope you can make it!

I'll have the tacos de carne asada.
by Ali B July 14, 2006
(n) 1) a mexican barbeque as stated in the words proceding this one

(n) 2) a sad excuse for a steak that the restaurant "Chiles" tries to pass off on to their customers just so they can end up shitting their brains out later that night
ex) scenario- Tim has been in the bathroom for 16 hours straight for an unknown reason

Burt- hey has anyone seen tim since we came back from "Chiles"?

Ron- Yea man he ate one of those carne asada's and hes been in the bathroom since
by Anthony Capri January 26, 2009

1. A slang word for sexual intercourse.

2. A word to used to refer to some sexual occurrence.
1. She wouldn't give him any Carne Asada until they got married.

2. Pepe visited her late last night and she scored some Carne Asada.
by funwithfood June 8, 2009
A food dish native to San Diego,CA. It is believed that the carne asada fries were born in a small taco shop in the south bay, by mere accident after a fry cook accidentaly spilled some french fries on a bowl of chopped carne asada. The cook then decided to pour cheese,guacamole and sour cream on top of the mixture.

Although it is believed by most whites and asians that the carne asada fries are authentic mexican food, they are not, however, even mexicans love them.
guy 1: hey what are you in the mood to eat?

guy 2: hmmm im in the mood for mexican food

guy 1: well we could go get some carne asada fries at Armando's

guy 2: that's not mexican food, but ok.
by Southbaydude April 25, 2009
It's just some inerjection that you scream in a very bad spanish accent to get attention.

Also, associated with attack FIVE but in a serbian accent (orginated from Gta4)
Chick: My wedding was nice.

Guy: carne asada FIVE!!!
by Elli L. February 3, 2009
the most delicious food known to mankind. loved by almost all in san diego. probably an abomination to true mexican food but theyre just too delicious to pass up.
carne asada fries can basically be purchased at any mexican food place in southern california. hallelujah.
by 2pacalypseNOW July 12, 2008