A term made popular by Ashanti (R&B singer) and her song titled "Good Good"

It is usually used in two instances.

1.) super potent drugs
2.) bomb ass pussy
1.) "aye yo mayne, yu good?"

"yeah mayne, you know i stay wit dat good good mah


2.) "mayne, shawty girl got dat good good!"

"oooh girrrl! i had him bout to cry! he know i got dat good

by fLy_MaMMii_4_yAh December 05, 2009
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High quality kegel muscles that keep your significant other coming back and not looking for other people to satisfy their needs.
So I've been dating this guy for three weeks, and yesterday he told me he loved me. I got that Good Good.

Also refer to Ashanti's song Good Good.
by Ms. GG April 07, 2009
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Term used to describe quality. Especially with clandestinely manufactured drugs.
I got that Good Good.
by Clipper June 16, 2004
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evil mastermind expression of Chancellor Palpatine from Starwars,

can be used to show your joy that everything is going according to evil plan

has been used by Family Guy, internet memes & nerdy friends who would understand each other
Andy: I peed on the toilet seat.

Evil mastermind: Good good, let your hatred consume you.
by vegantroll June 19, 2016
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A term used when someone acknowledges something that you say, but has nothing further to say about it, does not know how to respond or wants to be condescending or sarcastic.
A - "What have you been up to?"
B - "Loads, I've got a fantastic new job!"
A - "Good good"
by danboy74 September 04, 2017
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