12 definitions by Everyone

A hairy man. Who is unrivaled at the act of sexual intercourse.
"Oh Shelly, Drew was such a sex bison last night."
by Everyone March 28, 2003
a strap on cock for your nose, also referring to people with big noses
frod has a pecker nose
by Everyone April 7, 2005
Being screwed over so bad that you cannot begin to comprehend how bad your screwed.
by Everyone March 21, 2005
See: Smug

The world would be a better place if he volunteered to have medical experiments performed on him.
Bono is a smug no-talent prick.
by Everyone March 26, 2003
A "Shower" which you spray deoderent on your body and say, "I am clean"
"I just took a Joe shower" "Wow u still stink... actually u made it worst"
by Everyone March 18, 2005
a combination of Jason,Michael Myers, Freddy Crougar that forms into the sum of all fears. creation of Meaghan king
"Meaghan King is so death because she killed me, i swear."
"She stole my soul"referring to Meghan king
by Everyone July 22, 2003