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The girl that everyone wants to be. She's pretty, funny, and outgoing. All the guys want to date/fuck her and all the girls are jealous of her.
Oh my gosh did you see that Meaghan, she was so HOT.
by a;kdsfj;askdjf;lasjdf; September 14, 2008
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The MOST awesome person you will ever meet. Great Advice giver. Complex but alot of fun! One of the hottest people you'll ever see. Really enthusiastic and easy going.
I went to Meaghan for advice and it workd! she is amazing.
by Stormy<3 November 05, 2008
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plz stop sexualizing all the meaghans they're nice and cool
-"yo meaghan should be respected."
-"yeah I agree"
by croissant420 June 10, 2018
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mammal; usually short in stature, by comparison; always has large breasts; the Meaghan is characterized by a loud, colorful, and charismatic personality; usually has some kind of fixation with cartoons or cartoon characters (ex. spongebob, little mermaid); has extremely addictive tendencies. Guys want to grab those bad boys and girls are always jealous.
"my boobs are so small. i'm definitely no Meaghan."

"are you watching disney channel again? i swear you're becoming a Meaghan."

by pd73mdo April 25, 2009
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Big boobed girl. Typcially white female. Dont trust her with a lot of things mixed with guys. She'll put the guy first usually. Shes very funny and outgoing but doesn't know how to listen to herself. Follows others usually. Beautiful and gets away with a lot of things most people cant. Very lucky person. Very talkative person. Known by a lot of people.
The girl has Meaghans luck
by luckysevenstalker March 10, 2011
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Meaghan is a girls name that originated from England dating back to the 1600's
Our math teacher's name is Meaghan.
by Meaghan Russell April 10, 2008
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meg is the coolest person i have ever met of course. i love when she comes to madison because her coolness can rub off on people therefore, making them cool to. dont expect her to share the coolness she posseses though.
meg is the most awsome person i have ever met see cool
by tey June 06, 2005
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