P1: "did you see Eve's fake tan?"
P2: "yeah she looks like an orangutan!"
by querky June 17, 2015
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a substance that allows you to make your skin tanner
skye used fake tan
by sharks28 October 26, 2016
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The new generation of women who all look orange, but when you wake up next to them they blend in with the daz white sheets. Some "men" have begun to apply fake tan, refered to as ametrosexual or a gay
Look at that bird over there, she looks like she's been tangoed.
by iguanapunk May 13, 2004
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Any form of Alcohol in cans paticularly beer.
I'm going to get maggoted on the fake tans tonight.
by Aussie Philbo December 8, 2006
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When someone applies over 100 layers of fake tan and think they look good. When really it’s streaky and black. Then they start to go green
by Toiletroll2020 December 12, 2019
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Fake tan friday (ftf) is a day in which a group of friends become a group of orange friends; usually before a night out. Preparation for ftf begins the night before, giving the girls optimum tanning time before the big day. Originated in Hertfordshire.
Katherine: It's nearly Fake Tan Friday (FTF), going to do at least 4 layers
Emma: I'm not even going out, but gonna do it anyway!
Ellie: I love ftf
by ftfgirl101 May 15, 2014
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